"Making ordering firewood-  simpler."

Firewood Fellas 

Firewood fellas is the real deal.  They called me back within an hour and had the wood delivered and stacked within two days. 

                                                              - Jeff Miser, Bethel Park 

Jason was very knowledgeable about the dryness level of the wood he sells. 

I've had problems in the past with the woods not be dry enough to cook food on.  Firewood Fellas brought wood well below the industry standard.  Food is cooking great! 

                                                            -Theresa Ansbiry, Moon Twp 

I have had problems in the past about guys not showing up with the wood they promised.  Firewood Fellas welcomed me into their facility to see their operations and pick out the wood I wanted.  

                                                           - Nick Granhner, Brentwood 

Firewood Fellas 

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